Welcome to THE VEGAN PEA.

My name is Sameena and I am 24. I’m a vegan and self-confessed cooking addict. My message to you all is vegan food can be nutritious, indulgent and addictive!

Here is my story in a nut shell…I have always loved cooking since I was young and I made the decision to become a vegan at the age of four after watching the film Babe. For those of you who missed out on watching this film, it is about a pig that can talk and unfortunately the comical aspect seemed to go right over my four-year-old head and it really struck a cord with my animal-loving self! And here I am 20 years later in love with vegan cooking…with a lot of gluten free cookery explorations too!

I studied Dentistry at university for five years and when I reached my final year I fell ill, and one operation later I had developed a dysautonomic illness called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, along with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and just like that my life dramatically changed, but from this I was given time to embrace my passion for cooking and create my blog, The Vegan pea! It has honestly given me so much joy and made me realise that doing something I love on daily basis heals the soul and gives you the motivation to start your day…this is not me trying to be corny BUT the silver lining on the cloud really exists guys!

I hope you enjoy my recipes and I would love to hear from you with all your stories and comments.

Lots of love from The Vegan Pea xxx


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